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Titan Cylinder Charts

What You Should Know About TITAN® Cylinder Assemblies from ECi PDF

Exclusive feature of ECi TITAN Cylinder Assembly
Feature included in the TITAN Cylinder Assembly

Table of Contents O-200 320
Nickel+Carbide™ Bore Coating
Plateau Bore Finish
Moly-Filled Top Compression Ring
Anti-Scuff Coated Piston Skirt & Piston Identification
Shell Molded Casting
Casting Surface Texture
Fin Width & Spacing
Calibrated Intake Port
Stainless Steel Exhaust Studs
Venturi Intake Seats
Chrome Plated Exhaust Valve Stem
Tru-Bore™ Valve Guide
High-Chrome Cast Iron Exhaust Guides
Exhaust Valve Rotators
Fuel Nozzle Boss Bushing
Rocker Boss Bushing
Teflon® Rockershaft Thrust Button
Cast-in CHT Thermo-Couple Probe Boss