Engine Components International has been an aftermarket supplier of aircraft piston engine components since 1943.

Service Publications

Type Number   Title Rev Date
SI 86-1-1   Cylinder Assembly Valve Train 01/15/86
SI 88-7-1   Break-In Instructions for Engine Overhaul or Cylinder Replacement 10/09/07
SI 89-5-1   Engine Trouble Shooting Guide 09/01/01
SI 92-7-1   Color Codes on Cylinders from ECi 06/13/02
SI 92-9-6   Cylinder Removal and Reinstallation 12/13/05
SI 92-9-9   Cylinder Barrel Choke Specifications 11/07/05
SI 93-3-1   Freedom™ Brand Cylinders / IFR™ Identification 11/07/05
SI 93-3-4   Relationship Between Cylinder Assembly Part Numbers and ECi Class Numbers Cross Reference 09/01/01
SI 93-6-5   Recommended Time Between Overhaul (TBO) for ECi Freedom™ Brand Cylinder Assemblies 09/01/01
SI 93-6-7   Rapid Engine Leaning 06/25/93
SI 94-4-1   ECi Piston Ring Sets – Applications, Fitting Instructions and Reference 07/16/10
SI 94-7-1   Effects of Contaminated Fuel on Aircraft Piston Engines 09/01/01
SI 95-9-1   Corner Stud Holes in Continental Cylinder Barrel Flanges 12/21/01
SI 96-3   Continued Airworthiness Instructions for ECi TITAN® AEL65102 Cylinders for Parallel Lycoming Engines 08/23/06
SI 96-4   Plasma Face Piston Rings for Use with Nickel+Carbide™ Process Cylinder Bores 08/30/07
SI 96-5   Continuing Airworthiness Instructions for AEL235, AEL320 and AEL360 Crankshafts 10/18/06
SI 97-3   Repair Process for Lycoming 4-Cylinder Crankshafts affected by Lycoming SB505 02/12/07
SI 98-2   Continuing Airworthiness Data for ECi TITAN® AEC65314 Cylinders for C/200/300 Series Engines 02/25/08
SI 98-5-2   Alternate Means of Compliance: Crankshaft Gear Recess Repair 11/15/06
SI 99-1   Replacement Valves, Pistons, and Rings for R-985, R-1340 and R-2000 Engines 06/13/02
SI 99-3   Continuing Airworthiness Data for ECi Cylinders Fitted to P&W 1340 Series Engines 11/07/05
SI 99-8-1   ECi TITAN® Replacement Cylinders for Continental 470/520/550 Series Engines 02/23/09
SI 00-1   New Rocker Arm Bushing with Integral Oil Groove 10/21/04
SI 00-2   Use of Lower Spring Seat AEL13323 in Parallel Head Assemblies 09/01/01
SI 01-1   Venturi Intake Valve Seat in Continental 470, 520 and 550 Engines 11/11/03
SI 02-1   Continuing Airworthiness Data and Installation Eligibility of
ECi Crankcases for Continental Front Drive Engines
SI 02-2   Crankcase Thrust Washer Modification 08/20/02
SI 02-3   Exhaust Valve Guide Installation 08/20/02
SI 02-6   Pistons for Lycoming IO/TIO-360, GO/GSO/IGSO-480 and IO/TIO-540 Engines, Including Oversize 08/06/02
SI 02-8   O-200 Valve Train Upgrade 06/15/07
MSB 02-9   Cylinder Head Inspection 10/18/02
SI 03-1   Continuing Airworthiness Data and Installation Eligibility for ECi Accessory Cases Installed on Lycoming Engines 04/13/09
SI 03-2   Continuing Airworthiness and Installation Eligibility of ECi Angled Oil Filter Adapters for Lycoming Engines 08/14/07
SI 03-3   Installation Guidelines for Silicone Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets 06/10/04
SI 03-4   Replacement Crankshaft Gears for Lycoming Engines 04/04/03
SI 03-5   Dipstick Calibration for 8 Quart Sumps on TITAN® Engine Kits 05/19/03
SI 03-6   Use of Spiral Retaining Rings on AEL18840 Camshafts in Engines Used on Experimental Aircraft 05/20/03
  03-7   Cylinder Replacement
PDF (superseded by S.B. 04-1)
SI 03-8   ECi TITAN® Replacement Cylinders for Continental GTSIO-520 & 550 Engines 06/15/07
SI 03-9   Pistons and Rings for Franklin Engines 03/31/04
SI 03-11   High Chrome Guides in ECi TITAN® Cylinder Assemblies 10/10/05
MSB 04-1   Mandatory Cylinder Inspection
Warranty Application (ECT830.1.001) MS Word
SI 04-2   Continuing Airworthiness of Alternator Clutch Gear Assemblies AEC646655 02/03/04
SI 04-3   Continuing Airworthiness Data for ECi TITAN® O-200 Cylinder Assemblies with CHT Bayonet Probe Boss 02/12/04
SI 04-4   Oil Drain Provisions, ECi AEL65460 Crankcases 04/12/04
SI 04-5   Overhaul of ECi AEL72877 Lifters 04/07/05
SI 04-6   Continued Airworthiness for Connecting Rod Assemblies 09/23/04
SI 04-7   Continuing Airworthiness for ECi Intercylinder Cooling Baffles 02/28/05
MSB 04-8   Limited Cylinder Exchange 07/12/04
MSB 04-9   Mandatory Bearing Inspection/Recall 10/01/04
MSB 05-1   Mandatory Bearing Inspection/Recall 01/05/05
SI 05-4   Continuing Airworthiness of Lycoming Oil Pump Housings 04/04/05
SI 05-5   Replacement of Self-Locking Nuts for AEC629680 Oil Transfer Collar Assembly 05/17/05
MSB 05-8   Replacement of Classic Cast™ Cylinders in Compliance with Airworthiness Directive 2006-12-07
Warranty Application (ECT830.1.002) -- MS Word | PDF
SI 05-9   Rework of Continental Connecting Rods for Bolts with Contour Heads 07/12/05
TDS 06-01   Cold Induction System 07/30/10
MSB 06-2   Inspection of 520/550 Cylinders 07/22/08
TDS 06-02   TITAN® EXP™ Parrallel Valve Tapered Fin Cylinder Complete Assembly 07/30/10
SI 06-3   Installation of AEL13923 Connecting Rod Bushings in Connecting Rods 06/21/06
TDS 06-03   AE Fuel Injection System, Model AE400-1A1A 07/30/10
TDS 06-04   TITAN® EXP™ Fuel Injection System Calibration Kit 07/30/10
SI 06-5   Continued Airworthiness of ECi Crankcases for Lycoming 320/360 Series Engines 01/09/07
SI 06-6   Plasma-Faced Top Compression Rings 10/23/06
SI 07-2   Crankcase Anti-Seep Grooves 12/21/07
MSB 08-1   Cylinder Assembly Removal and Replacement 08/19/08
TN 09-1   Use of Gasket Like Materials in Split Lines at Crankcase Bearing Bosses and Under Cylinder Flanges 01/19/09
TN 09-2   Dangers of Contamination from Glass Bead Material 02/10/10
TN 10-1   Table of Limits 11/10/10
TN 10-3   Safety Lockwire Practices 09/09/10
TN 10-4   Differential Pressue Compression Check 02/18/10
TN 10-5   Mandatory Parts Replacement at Overhaul and After Repair or Maintenance in accordance with ASTM F2339 01/28/10
SB 10-11   Cylinder Barrel Fillet Inspection 02/18/11
SI 12-1   AEL14995 Pushrod Shroud Retainer Spring 10/29/12
SIB 12-2   Effect of Over Temperature Operation and High Piston Blow-By on Cylinder Safety 12/04/12
SB 13-1   AEL18839 Camshaft Marking for O/IO-375 Series Engines 03/15/13
SB 13-2   Inspection of Barrel Fin Depth 05/21/13