Engine Components International has been an aftermarket supplier of aircraft piston engine components since 1943.

PMA Supplements

Updated: 05/03/12

The following index contains a copy of each of ECi's PMA Supplements for the replacement parts for noted OEM parts.

Please come back soon! We're constantly updating this list with our newest FAA/PMA approved parts.

LYC = Lycoming
CMI = Continental Motors, Inc.


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Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Supplements

PMA Supplement 64
(35 KB)
CMI - Small Crankshaft Gear
PMA Supplement 63
(377 KB)
CMI - Seals, Retaining Ring, and Gaskets.
PMA Supplement 62
(1.4 MB)
LYC - Gears & Gear Assembies, Adapters, Shafts, Plugs, Oil Sump Assemblies, Ring, Bearings, Lockplates, Caps, Bracket, Gaskets, Key, Impellers, Sleeve, Bushings, Cover, Fitting, Connection, Fin Stabilizer, Tube Assemblies, Coupling, Thrust Washers, Baffle Assy, Shield, Spacer, Dowels, Stud, Pin, Bolt.
PMA Supplement 61
(587 KB)
CMI - Nuts, Plungers, Gasket Covers, Plates, Springs, By-pass Valve Ball, Diaphragms, Spacers, Retainers, Needles, Studs, Locktabs, Bushings, Retaining Rings, Plugs, Thrubolts, Breather Assy, Pins
PMA Supplement 60
(184 KB)

LYC - O-Rings, Oil Filder Adapter Gasket, Exhaust Flange Gasket

PMA Supplement 59
(4 MB)

LYC - Bolts, Nuts, Plugs, Washers

PMA Supplement 58
(77 KB)

LYC - Intercylinder Cooling Baffle Assy, Intake Pipe

PMA Supplement 57
(20 KB)

LYC - Exhaust Valve Guide

PMA Supplement 56
(53 KB)

CMI - Starter Worm Gear.

PMA Supplement 55
(98 KB)

CMI - Cylinder Assembly (TSIO-, GTSIO-, IO-, etc.), Pushrod Housings, Alternator Drive Gear, Driven Alternator Clutch Gear Assy, Front Drive oil Transfer Collar Assembly.

PMA Supplement 54
(43 KB)

CMI - 0200 Cylinder, STC

PMA Supplement 53
(489 KB)

LYC - Counterweight Pins, Counterweight Bushings, Retaining Counterweight Pin Plates.

PMA Supplement 52
(95 KB)

LYC - Camshaft Assembly, Camshaft.

PMA Supplement 51
(2.9 MB)

LYC - Fuel Pump Gasket, Vacuum Pump Gaskets, Magneto Gaskets, Oil Filter Adapter Gasket, Oil Sump Gasket, AC Type Fuel Pump Gasket, Carburetor Gasket, Oil Suction Flange Gasket, Oil Pressure Housing Gasket, Vacuum Pump Adapter Gasket, Hydraulic Valve Gasket, Magneto Adapter Gasket, Fuel Injector Gasket, Accessory Drive Adapter Gasket, Fuel Pump Adapter Gasket, Accessory Drive Adapter Gasket, Governor Spacer Gasket, Prop Governor Gaskets, Prop Governor Oil Level Gage Gasket, Accessory Case Gasket, Valve Assembly Gasket, Fuel Injector Adapter Gasket, Shroud Tube Spring, Idler Gear Shaft Lockplate, Alternator Bracket Lockplate, Idler Gear Shaft Lockplate, Copper Crush Gaskets, O-Rings, Oil Seals, Crankshaft Oil Seal, Tachometer Shaft Seal, Split Crankshaft Oil Seal

PMA Supplement 50
(77 KB)

CMI - Valve Rocker Cover Gaskets, Intake Manifold Gasket, O-Ring

PMA Supplement 49
(54 KB)

LYC - Intake Valve, Exhaust Valve

PMA Supplement 48
(128 KB)

CMI - Crankshaft Main, Front & Rear Bearings.

PMA Supplement 47
(4.67 MB)

LYC - Accessory Case Assembly, Accessory Sheild, Gears, Rocker Arm Assembly, Baffles, Retainer Hooks, Valve Assemblies, Oil Filter Adapters, Oil Filter Adapter Nipple, Oil Filter Adapter Extension, Magneto Adapter, Magneto Clamp, Intake Flange Pipes, Relief Valve Ball, Oil Pressure Relief Valve Assembly, Oil Pressure Relief Valve Springs, Hydraulic Tappet Plunger Assembly, Push Rod Socket, Oil Level Gage Extensions, Oil Level Gage Tubes, Oil Level Gage Adapter, Oil Level Gage Assemblies, Alternating Adjusting Link, Alternator Support Strut, Alternator Bracket, Belt, Tube Assemblies, Offset Clamp, Primer Nipple Assembly, Union Tees, Cusion Clamp, Prop Governor Hose, Elbows, Clips, Split Hose, Vacuum Spacer, Vacuum Pump Covers, Fuel Pump Covers, Prop Governor Covers, Hose Connector, Plugs, Breather Fitting, Washers, Thru-Bolt Spacer, Lifting Strap, Screens, Shim, Studs, Connecting Rod Bolts, Thrust Button, Valve Key, Crankshaft Gears.

PMA Supplement 46
(729 KB)

CMI - Crankcase Stud Assemblies, Oil Pump Housing Assembly, Oil Pump Shaft, Front Drive Keyed Camshaft, Front Drive Splined Camshaft, Thrubolts, Crankshaft-to-Crankgear Dowel, Crankshaft Gears, Idler Gear, Camshaft Gears, Key-Type Gov. Drive Bevel Gear, Spline-Type Gov. Drive. Bevel Gear, Gov. Driven Bevel Gear, Starter Shaftgear Assembly, Starter Shaftgear, Drive Scavenge Pump Gear, Scavenge Pump Bushing, Magneto & Accessory Drive Gear Assembly, Drive Gear Sleeve, Oil Pump Driven Gear, Oil Pump Gear Bushing, Oil Pump & Tach Shaft Drive Gear, Oil Pump Shaftgear Dowel Pin, Tach Drive Bevel, Gear, Bevel Tach Drive Shaftgear Assembly, Rocker Cover, Pushrod Assemblies, Wormgear Bearing, Locking Plate, Pin Dowel, Idler Gear Bushing, Idler Gear Offset Busing, Adapter Bushing, Captive Size-on-Size Lock Ring Studs, Locked In Stud, Lock Ring, Studs, Machined Thread Plug.

PMA Supplement 45
(109 KB)

LYC - Crankshaft Gears.

PMA Supplement 44
(56 KB)

CMI - Rocker Arm Shafts, Valve Rocker Shafts.

PMA Supplement 43
(470 KB)

Franklin - Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Magneto Drive Absorber, Generator Gear Absorber, Gear Absorber, Compression Rings, Oil Control Ring, Camshaft Bearings, Crankshaft Bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings, Thrust Bearing.

PMA Supplement 42
(94 KB)

CMI - Connecting Rod Bolt, Connecting Rod Nut, Cylinder Barrel.

PMA Supplement 41
(1.04 MB)

LYC - Shroud Tube Seal, Cylinder Base Packing, Rocker Cover Gasket, Shroud Tube Lockplate, Pushrod Shroud Seal.
CMI - Cylinder Base Packing, Pushrod Housing Packing, Pushrod Tube Oil Seal, Exhaust Flange Gasket Assembly, various Washers, O-Rings, Screws, and Gaskets.

PMA Supplement 40
(127 KB)

CMI - Connecting Rod Bolt, Connecting Rod Nut, Cylinder Barrel, Cylinder Assembly.

PMA Supplement 39
(1.77 MB)

LYC - Crankcase Assemblies, Crankshaft Bearings, Connecting Rod Bearings, Oil Pump Housings, Oil Pump Driving Impeller, Oil Pump Shaft, Connecting Rod Assembly, Oil Sump Assemblies, Intake Pipe Connection, Intake Pipes, Intake Pipe Hoses, Push Rods, Pushrod Shrouds, Cylinder Oil Drain Hoses, Oil Drain Tube Assemblies, Propeller Governor Shaftgear, Tachometer Shaft Spacers, Crankshaft Gear Lockplates, Dowels, Studs, Plug, Straight Adapter, Connecting Rod Bushings, Hose Clamp, Nuts, Exhaust Inserts, Magneto Gear, Key Valve, Vacuum Pump Adapter Assembly, Oil Seal, Prop. Governor Housing Assembly.

PMA Supplement 38
(329 KB)

CMI - Studs.

PMA Supplement 37
(199 KB)

LYC - Rocker Valve Bushing.

PMA Supplement 36
(203 KB)

CMI - Connecting Rod Bearing, Crankshaft Bearing, Thrust Bearing.

PMA Supplement 35
(118 KB)

CMI - Upper Valve Spring Retainer, Rotocap Assembly, Rotocoil, Intake & Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts, Piston Ring.

PMA Supplement 34
(163 KB)

CMI - Damper Bushings, Counterweight Bushings & Pins, Rocker Bushings, Starter Drive Bearing, Univ. Locating Dowel.

PMA Supplement 33
(74 KB)

Pratt & Whitney, Franklin, and CMI - Piston Rings.

PMA Supplement 32
(308 KB)

CMI - Rocker Shaft Bushings, Intake & Exhaust Valve Spring Retainers, Valve Springs.

PMA Supplement 31
(1.34 MB)

LYC - Intake & Exhaust Valve Retainers, Valve Springs, Rocker Shaft, Rocker Cover, Camshaft, Connecting Rod Nuts & Bolts, Studs, Camshaft, Idler Gear Shaft, Starter Ring Gear Support Assembly, Oil Pump Driving Impeller, Oil Pump Shaft, Fuel Pump Plunger, Magneto Gear, Bolts, Starter Gear, Vacuum Pump Drive Gear, Idler Gear Assembly, Fuel Pump Idler Gear Assembly, Tachometer Shaft, Screws.

PMA Supplement 30
(61 KB)

Pratt & Whitney - Cylinder Head & Assembly.

PMA Supplement 29
(229 KB)

CMI - Head & Assembly, Fuel Injection Bushing, Intake Seat Insert, Intake Valve, Stud, Pin & Plug Assembly.

PMA Supplement 28
(213 KB)

CMI - Intake & Exhaust Valves.

PMA Supplement 27
(293 KB)

LYC and CMI - Piston Rings.

PMA Supplement 26
(62 KB)

Pratt & Whitney - Exhaust Valve, Pistons.

PMA Supplement 25
(1.0 MB)

LYC - Crankshaft, Crankshaft Gear, Surge Tube, Propeller Flange Bushing, Crankshaft Dowel.

PMA Supplement 24
(155 KB)

CMI - Cylinder Head, Barrel, Assemblies

PMA Supplement 23
(285 KB)

LYC - Cylinder Assemblies

PMA Supplement 22
(37 KB)

CMI - Cylinder Barrel

PMA Supplement 21
(19 KB)

Franklin - Bushing

PMA Supplement 20
(22 KB)

LYC - Spring

PMA Supplement 19
(984 KB)

LYC - Valve

PMA Supplement 18
(25 KB)

LYC - Guide

PMA Supplement 17
(49 KB)

LYC - Valve

PMA Supplement 16
(16 KB)

CMI - Guide

PMA Supplement 15
(40 KB)

LYC - Valve

PMA Supplement 14
(45 KB)

LYC - Dowel Pin, Stabilizer, Seat

PMA Supplement 13
(18 KB)

LYC - Valve

PMA Supplement 12
(23 KB)

LYC - Ring, Ring Scraper, Guide

PMA Supplement 11
(16 KB)

LYC - Seat

PMA Supplement 10
(34 KB)

LYC - Seat, Piston

PMA Supplement 9
(31 KB)

LYC - Barrel

PMA Supplement 8
(24 KB)

Pratt & Whitney - Compression Ring, Oil Control Ring, Scarper Ring

PMA Supplement 7
(25 KB)

LYC and CMI - Ring Assembly Oil, Piston

PMA Supplement 6
(25 KB)

LYC and CMI - Bearing, Guide

PMA Supplement 5
(15 KB)

CMI - Barrel

PMA Supplement 4
(108 KB)

CMI, LYC, Warner - Bushing, Guide, Push Rod, Ball End, Stud, Nut, Shaft, Gear, Prop Hub, Pin, Spring, Valve, Sleeve, Barrel, Crankshaft, Coupling, Bolt, Piston, Ring, and Bearing

PMA Supplement 3
(27 KB)

LYC - Compression Ring, Oil Ring, Bushing

PMA Supplement 2
(19 KB)

CMI - Valve

PMA Supplement 1
(4.5 MB)