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Engine Troubleshooting

Engine Trouble Shooting Guide PDF
Shortcuts to Costly Engine Diagnostics

Includes Sections On:

  • Failure of Engine to Start
  • Low Power and Uneven Running
  • High Oil Temperature
  • Excess Oil Consumption
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • High Oil Pressure
  • Improper Engine Acceleration
  • Failure of Engine to Idle Properly
  • Failure of Engine to Develop Full Power
  • Engine Stops
  • Engine Vibrates Excessively
  • Engine Continually Throws Alternator Belt
  • Engine Overheats
  • High Cylinder Head Temperature
  • Engine Won’t Stop When Switch is Turned Off
  • Carburetor Leaks Fuel
  • Engine “Spits Back” in Carburetor
  • Engine Misses Intermittently
  • Engine Misses Regularly
  • Scattering Misfire
  • Single Cylinder Miss at High Speed
  • Single Cylinder Miss at Low Speed
  • Causes of Pre‐Ignition
  • Causes of Excessive Carbon Deposit
  • Magneto Fails to Deliver any Spark
  • Crankcase Fills with Oil (Dry‐sump System)
  • Engine Pumps Oil
  • Faulty Spark
  • Mixture Analysis by Exhaust Flame
  • A “Too‐Rich Mixture” may be caused by...
  • A “Too‐Lean Mixture” may be caused by...