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Engine Break-in Instructions

Engine Break-In Instructions and Oil Management PDF

Includes Sections On:

  • Oil Talk for Dummies
  • Critical Precautions for New and Overhauled Engines
  • Run‐in vs. Break‐in
  • Fuel for Run‐in and Break‐in
  • Oil Recommendations
  • Warning ‐ No Oil Pressure ‐ No Engine
  • Lubrication for Run‐in and Break‐in
  • Lubrication for Normal Operation
  • Break‐in Procedures
  • Avoid Over‐Servicing Engine Oil
  • Cylinder Replacement
  • Stop Contamination During Engine, Propeller & Accessory Removal, and Installation
  • Oil Filtration
  • Oil Content Reports
  • Break‐in Record